Thematic workshop “Effective systems of preventative care of employees”

The InnoStar Region Poland organises the EIT Health thematic workshop “Effective systems of preventative care of employees” on 12 – 13 October 2015 in Łódź, Poland.


Currently, an increasing proportion of people aged 65 to 85 – over 10% in some European countries – remain in the workforce. This is driven in part by economic necessity and legislative changes, but also increasingly by citizens’ desires to remain professionally active and socially connected. Frailty and functional loss have a negative impact upon quality of life and well-being and result in reduced performance at work and less social engagement.
The occupational medicine (OM) physician is the one who sees the working population the most regularly. In numerous countries, employers have permanent access to occupational health services (OHS). Thus, OM physicians have the unique opportunity to recognise many diseases at an early stage. Moreover, in cooperation with an employer, many prevention and health promotion arrangements may be implemented. Occupational health in all occupations – the total health of all at work – should be the main goal of preventative care arranged by employers.

The workshop

The workshop is aligned to EIT-Health “Challenge 2: Support Active Ageing – Workplace interventions for a stable workforce” by aiming to stimulate development of future projects that encompass health promotion and disease prevention applied at the workplace to improve sustained employability. It aims to optimise the physical working environment and work experience with the use of assistive technologies to allow older citizens to work safely for longer. An additional goal is to allow older employees to be retained for longer and pass on their experience and know-how to younger employees.

The workshop will adress four different specific points: Data collecting systems fed by information from periodic employees’ examinations; Specific interventions including early detection and reduce loss of skills; Return to work support and Age management.


The workshop will take place in Łódź, Poland on 12 – 13 October 2015.
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